Is leaning back ruining your ability to stand?

Why do people lean back when they try to stand? Sometimes not everyone seems to be on the same page. Here are instructions and printables that just might help.

Is everyone on the same page when it’s time to get moving? 


Have you seen people lean back when they go to stand? Last week I introduced you to the comfort zone of leaning forward with the wood chop exercise. I hinted that a person’s comfort zone is partly related to  physical ability, but also connected to emotions and previous experience. If there has been an experience of movement with a fall or near miss, a sense of capability to move safely with or without help is replaced with some degree of uncertainty. 

What can we do about that? 

Reviewing the plan every single time  (step by step, or in full) can instantly reduce  uncertainty and restore a sense of trust, especially when the plan we are talking about is one that worked well last time.

There are many effective ways to do even this seemingly simple movement of standing up. My tricks and tips will keep coming your way to help you move your  best.

The key to success is to discover the strategy that works and have the tools (ahem, printables) to repeat it the same way, every time. Practice improves performance, it’s as simple as that.

 If you like this particular strategy, go ahead and print it out so it’s always handy as a guide.

Keep following me to see more ways to solve problems and take care of yourself with movement.

Movement can be a remarkably simple thing to practice once you know what to do.