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May Yeung

 I started having Melissa work with my mother via Zoom during Covid with the goals of 1) having some social interaction beyond family and 2) guided gentle movement sessions. My concerns for my mother were isolation and sendentary behaviours arising from having to stay at home due to the pandemic. Melissa’s use of visual imagery and storytelling during the movement sessions help create an imaginative environment that facilitates a mind body connection as well as gentle functional movement. She is kind, fun, creative, understanding and patient. As a physiotherapist, she is able to help my mother and I believe, any client, move towards maintaining or even improving their mobility and strength, which are key components to ageing well. She addresses the main body parts with gentle stretches and exercises, according to mom’s capabilities in a safe, informed manner. Her sessions also involve friendly conversation and bantering discussions which are important to prevent social isolation. I highly recommend Melissa’s Movement to anyone trying to find exercise and comraderie for the seniors in their lives.

Wayne Sanders

Hello. In March, it was by sheer coincidence through social media that I received a random post from ‘Discover Movement’ and specifically ‘Use Your Noodle’. What caught my attention was the resourcefulness Melissa demonstrated through simple movements and I immediately thought of how my elderly Mother could benefit from the diversity of suggested exercises. In addition, through simple ‘props’ like sponge toys and stickers, my Mother was able to maintain her strength, flexibility and activity that would otherwise not be accomplished through just ‘walking the halls’. It has been an ongoing process and I continue to reach out to Melissa, and Homebody Health, for inspiration and improvisation.
-Wayne Sanders-

Mindy Butalia

I have been working with Melissa and her company for one and half years. She is the brain child of her company. She attracts people like her ideology. She has been successful in attracting and retaining them. She believes in listening and finding a technique for her clients which would help them. She is patient , gentle. I am a hemaphelgic stroke Survivor and Warrior. She and her staff have made a true Warrior. The techniques what I learn are translated in my everyday living. Thank you very much Melissa for coming into my life and me becoming a better Warrior.

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