Homebody Health and Our Response to COVID-19

Moving and feeling better is always an option. See our facebook page and blog for ideas. Specific advice comes from online sessions. Call to discuss urgent home visits.

How to have Homebody Health when social distancing is the norm



There are many questions surrounding COVID-19 as it has the potential to touch all aspects of our lives. In these times of social distancing, we at Homebody Health hear our calling to think outside the box, and reach even further to where you are. We are taking action to provide you more options over the coming weeks and months. 


We support you to cope and thrive, to move and feel better where you are, whether you need general ideas or personalized advice, we are there 

Homebody Health has been operating as a virtual office with multiple practitioners in Calgary for seven years. We have the policies and procedures to keep our day to day administration running smoothly. 

Text messaging is not available at this number.

Social distancing requires innovative solutions, and we at Homebody Health have been designing innovative ways to thrive with social distancing since the beginning.  Our therapists have the means of capturing the insights that empower you. These insights have been custom designed and are stored in your electronic medical record, available for you to access anywhere there is an internet connection, anytime. Our extra preparations allow us to be more prepared to listen to what you want to work on each session, and design therapy around that. Being more prepared also means you can have therapy plans accessible to others who care for you formally or informally.


Infection control is part of our staff orientation for all practitioners. Resources that our team refers to are now being regularly updated to include COV-19 specific information available for health care providers.Please see the list of resources below if you want more information. 


Close contact therapy is not occurring in the presence of fever, cough or shortness of breath unless proper personal protective equipment is in place. My health Alberta COVID-19 self assessment can direct all of us Albertans to use the most appropriate services like 811 if symptoms appear. 

In summary, social distancing should not prevent you from getting the care you want from us. 

We’re working hard to ensure we’ve got this, together.