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About Our Services

 You aspire to take more control of your health. You have things in mind that are worth doing, like connecting with the people in your life, getting fresh air and sunshine, or keeping up to date with what’s happening around you. Today you want to control your adventure, but you need a little help with executing your plans. 

This is exactly what we do. We find out what matters to you right now, and if you are feeling stuck when you are trying to do these important things, we can work on that. 


Do you need a home visit or should you have an physio session online instead? We can help you choose the right approach to get the advice you need, right now.

We’ve got this, together. 

Connected to you

This kind of therapy puts you in control. We can teach others how to help you, if this is important. You have the information from our sessions that you can share. If it is important to you to have updates given to certain people in your life, we can do that. When the sessions ends, our support remains.

Service Options


Put us to work. Our reception has 35 years experience helping you find the right match for your needs. Let us know what you need and we can help or point you in the right direction. We are an organization that is committed to simplify your search process.

In-person home visits

When you need us to come to you, we will be there to help you improve your day to day functioning. 

Online Therapy

You can limit close contact without limiting your own potential to reach your goals with online therapy. 

Other Services


Our kinesiologist is working hard to make those awesome exercise instructions you see on our Library page. She is not available for treatments at the moments, sorry! Please check back later. 

Our team of clinicians includes a kinesiologist. You’ll begin with a physio evaluation and then we’ll decide together if kinesiology is right for you.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Is there public funding for in home physiotherapy?

Homebody Health is a private therapy service offered:
  • as a stand alone service
  • as a bridging service to build up stamina and prepare for joining a publicly funded program
  • in addition to therapy offered at public programs
Other available public programs include Alberta Healthy Living Program, Home Care, ARBI, CAR, Ambulatory Community Physiotherapy, Joint Effort and Recreation Discovery programs.

Is there insurance coverage for my therapy?

Physiotherapy coverage may be offered by some private group insurance companies (such as Sunlife, GreatWest Life, certain Alberta Blue Cross plans and others). Contact your insurance provider and ask if you have coverage for physiotherapy.

I have painful restrictions to my activity. What do you offer?

Homebody Health will be looking to identify the source of your pain. Treatment options will be discussed between you and your therapist. A balanced set of exercises are an essential component of your individualized treatment plan to regain and maintain movement and stability.

I am thinking about staying more active. Where do I begin?

Every encounter with a Homebody Health therapist is an individualized assessment with a plan to reach your goals. A balanced assessment considers aerobic endurance, strength, flexibility, balance and posture to build a picture of function.

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Help is available to you during and between sessions. 

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