Slowing Down? Why posture can be blamed and what to do about it.

We're digging deeper to understand what our bodies and brains are doing on our scavenger hunt, and how our posture influences our performance.


Slower than you used to be? 


If you think of your body like a simple circuit, the better the connection, the faster it works.

Perhaps you can imagine how your posture affects your wiring. Our wiring is better when our bodies are stacked up vertically. Like this:  








These reference points, (called plumb lines) are not always the ideal focal point for practice if it simply  doesn’t feel right. This insight I will uncover more in the future. 

Today, I’m introducing posture to you so if yours is not ideal,  you can use that understanding to give yourself a little extra time for:

  • Your eyes to see objects
  • Your brain to interpret what it sees
  • Your body to respond appropriately 

click to try these skills in an activity

Head’s up: a scavenger hunt activity

Today’s simple guidance to take your time is printable, if you want this to be handy, click the picture below. 

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Happy hunting!


Marshmallow roasting over a campfire helps you imagine yourself here

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