The lesser known reason ALL CAPS is frustrating to read, especially with a visual impairment

Give our friends with a visual impairment every opportunity to follow along and join the conversation by avoiding this mistake I had been making for years!


I’m thinking of my mom right now.


She told me how she naturally couldn’t wear glasses in the shower, so she had no choice but to squint at the bottles for a long time to make sure she knew what she was looking at.

I bet she couldn’t read the words no matter how long she looked, but she could make a pretty good guess what she was looking at.


Shampoo & Conditioner


Shampoo is pretty easy to read,  recognizable by it’s shape.

but what the words look like this?




I had to look at this longer, it looks like a bunch of rectangles and the only giveaway is the length of the word. 


I do not want my posters to frustrate people, so its time to make a change. 


I thought this one would be easy. I was wrong!

There seems to be a paucity of font combinations that don’t have at least one of the fonts in caps.  Maybe this is why I’ve been using all caps in my materials for years!

I’ll do my best to avoid using all caps now whenever possible because it just might make a big difference to my senior friends with macular degeneration. Maybe if its a word like WOW! or LOVE! I can get away with it, but I’ll definitely think twice. 

Here’s the updated “Adventures with Physio” invite. It’s a wee bit easier on the eye now.

It’s printable if you click on it, because I sure hope you and your senior friends will be joining me for the challenges and games to come this week.

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Marshmallow roasting over a campfire helps you imagine yourself here
Marshmallow roasting over a campfire helps you imagine yourself here

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