Surprises Fishing with Grandpa

We never expected this would happen!

The catch of the day

We hadn’t intended on it, which made it even more delightful.

At the start of the day we set out traps hoping to catch minnows,

We do this because my girls ages 2 and 5 like the idea of fishing, but naturally haven’t cultivated sufficient patience and discipline to actually hook anything on the line yet.

Today in fact, the girls were so enthralled on the shore blowing bubbles that we never made it off the shore.

We checked our traps later in the day and you won’t believe what we found!

The traps were teeming with life, with a dozen crayfish in there who must have been feeling pretty sorry about their luck.

How delightful it was to have this surprise.

Can you imagine their faces lit up watching these little critters swim around in a tub?

Imagine the wonder.

We even heard a few sqeals of delight.

We cooked those guys up for supper and enjoyed picking the delicious meat out, savoring every bite. With a little dash of butter and lemon on there, it tasted just like lobster.

This suprise will definitely be one of the stories we tell around the campfire.

If you enjoy fishing, I made a little printout hoping when you see it, you will be reminded of this story or one of your own surprises that found you while being out on the water.