Bubbles Guided Imagery to let go of stress and tension

Where do you carry your tension? Visualize it drifting away with with any thoughts you don't want to hold anymore

Letting go

It’s a process. The stresses and worries  find a way into our experience of life, demanding us to be prepared, be on guard. It’s a lot to carry sometimes.

If you have a moment to yourself, maybe at the end of the day, and you want to let go a little bit, imagine blowing bubbles.

Take slow deep breaths out, slow deep breaths produce more bubbles. Slow deep breaths work wonders. 

Imagine their drift, see how the winds gently carry them? Maybe you will even see some pop in the distance.

Whenever you want to relax, this is here for you. 

If you would like a simple visual to be with you for this moment, I have provided you with one at the bottom of this post.

Happy drifting.


Marshmallow roasting over a campfire helps you imagine yourself here

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