Fueling the fire within to make smoke signals

Having trouble staying motivated? Here's a printable reflection guiding you to remember what drives you. It's no secret. You have been practicing your skills and using them to help others in need your whole life.

We have a challenge on our hands


We have decided we want to leave this  island, but a ship passing by doesn’t see us.

I read somewhere that three puffs of smoke can be a signal that we need help.

We have a small fire already going so we need to add grass and leaves to it, and then we will wet our blanket to send out our signals.

Time is working against us. What can you do to help?

As you consider what you can do to help us, you are summoning a source of inner strength and noticing your hidden talents. Acting to help others in need is rewarding.

If you find this discussion to be helpful please feel free to print out the activity sheet which guides you a step further to take action. Perhaps you are willing to practice some of these skills today?