A powerful message of motivation from Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trouble getting going? Strengthen your will to move forward with this printable reflection that put this inspiring quote into action.

 This message was meant for us today


This morning, I was on the shoreline and discovered a message in a bottle.

Moments later I saw a boat appear on the horizon. Can you believe that!?

This made me decide, I’m taking the opportunity to get picked up by the boat if it comes to the shore. How about you? Are you staying or going?



This message compells me to share with you my intention to get off this island. I’m ready to explore new territory. Does this message compel you to do anything? I’ve left space below here for you to write down your thoughts and plans, and share them if you wish to do so.

By deciding to share your goals, they become witnessed and have a greater potential to come to life.