Moving and feeling better

Exercise helps many of us live better lives. It helps us function better with age related muscle loss, multiple sclerosis, post stroke weakness and Parkinson’s disease.

If the going gets tough, the tough keep going. We can go anywhere our mind takes us.

Do you want close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself paddling with me? Moving our bodies with the waves of change is something we deserve, and need as long as we are living. At the end of my grandmas life, it was my great privilege to spend time at her bedside, massaging her hands and feet and gently moving her limbs to keep her comfortable. As a physical therapist I often found a way to help people move even in the intensive care ward. To find a way to move is to find empowerment.
And the rewards from that movement are demonstrated in the research, better functioning when a stroke has made us take nothing for granted, when age tries to rob us of precious muscle, when we feel progressive conditions like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease challenge every aspect of our lives. When the going gets tough, silently and publicly- the tough find a way to keep going through the waves of change.
This video shares Trishna’s journey moving forward in her “new life” with Multiple Sclerosis. She walks, dances and does yoga to keep going. Let’s find something we enjoy that we can do.
Edwards, T., & Pilutti, L. A. (2017). The effect of exercise training in adults with multiple sclerosis with severe mobility disability: a systematic review and future research directions. Multiple sclerosis and related disorders, 16, 31-39.