Unwinding tension in the neck, shoulders, hands and feet

There is a very simple way to relax and restore our freedom of movement with this natural guide.

Plagued by stiffness and other feelings you don’t want to carry with you?

This week’s adventure had us trying to signal a ship passing by. We were not successful. I can feel myself asking for space from those feelings of disappointment and worry. I can also feel some tension in my neck and shoulders that quietly lingers in my conscious mind.

I’m going to refocus my attention to nature and have it help me let go of anything I don’t need to carry. I feel this will help my focus during the day and my sleep at night.

Here’s how I will do it. Feel free to imagine and move with me. I will imagine the spiral pattern of the tendrils of a pea plant. It’s delicate, and captivating.  We see this pattern all around us.

Now, keep this pattern in your mind’s eye and use it to guide movement from head to toe. Your neck, your shoulders, your wrists and ankles.

I hope this was helpful. If you like, you can print and share this activity guide by clicking the button on the bottom of this page.