That was funny!

Need a chuckle? Let's think of a funny misunderstanding from the good old days.

It was all just a misunderstading

On Sunday, I make time to do nothing, and that makes for the perfect opportunity to visit with friends.

I remember having a barbecue at about this time of year, and feeling overconfident with my abilities, I decided to take liberties with simply skimming over the recipe. The recipe said that I was to use a pinch of the spice mix I prepared but I failed to see that fact and used the whole thing. My souvlaki was  hilariously inedible.

Do you remember a funny blunder from TV, or stories told or real life? If not, I bet you can make one up.

Print out the activity page which guides you to think about a funny mishap. We will be using them for our social activity tomorrow.