Taking your own advice

A one minute exercise to improve your focus today

Where do you want to go in the next 24 hours?

This is a question that we can get hung up on, but consider your body- your vessel as your vehicle to experience life. This vehicle is always headed somewhere, so if know if there is somewhere specific you aim to get to today, you can navigate with much less trouble.

Maybe today your intention is achive something and you are asking yourself to practice discipline? Maybe you wish to explore at least one moment for yourself with freedom from your thoughts? Those are two very different and achieveable goals, and different courses plotted.

Today is a new day and  new thoughts and behaviors are simply not the cruise control setting you were born to adopt. Wherever you choose to go, expect you might have to switch to manual overdrive to get there.

One little tip, do this exercise for one minute only. This limit helps you set your priorities without overthinking it, and ensures this is doable to do and redo again tomorrrow, if you wish.

 Print out this worksheet and when you complete this intention exercise you will be able to celebrate some success getting there right away.