Take home advice for doubt after injury

Challenging beliefs can help us cope with chronic pain and recover from it.

It’s a real struggle to cope and recover with chronic pain. We can take  back control starting with our beliefs.

A systematic study carried out by Jensen et al (2011) looked at those who adapted with chronic pain and those who did not. The two key factors that made the difference were having support from others and beliefs that were challenged. Hear other people talk about how their beliefs about persistent pain, guarding, resting and coping were challenged on the YouTube video titled “beliefs and behaviours” by painHEALTH.  


Jensen, M. P., Moore, M. R., Bockow, T. B., Ehde, D. M., & Engel, J. M. (2011). Psychosocial Factors and Adjustment to Chronic Pain in Persons With Physical Disabilities: A Systematic Review. Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 92(1), 146-160.