Simple sit to stand guidance from physio: Wood chop practice

Having trouble leaning forward? Nose over toes is the key insight practiced here. This video and printable guides you to practice chopping wood, gaining confidence in your ability to lean forward.

Let’s chop down the problem of getting out of our chairs, together


Last week I discussed why rising from a chair, especially a soft or a low chair is pretty challenging for knees, especially ones that get sore from time to time.

“nose over toes” is a helpful way to use our positioning to work to our advantage and take some of the work off our legs to power us up out of the chair.

This week let’s talk about the comfort zone of leaning forward. Everyone has a unique comfort zone, where there is enough trunk control to lean forward. The comfort zone is part physical ability, but also partly related to emotions and experience, which I will talk about in future posts. 

If you struggle rising up from your seat, maybe its time you grab the help you need for safety and move within your comfort zone to go through the motions of chopping wood.

 You can follow along with the video or use the printable activity sheet below to guide you.

It can be a remarkably simple thing to practice once you know what to do.