printable templates for red black bingo cards: make your own

Printable red black bingo cards you fill in yourself. With just a deck of cards and a red and black marker you can play along and win.


A good game brings us together.



 Each week, Thursday I’ll be sharing a little more about what I learn about intriguing games, especially Bingo!

Last week I introduced red black bingo and wondered: How does it feel to have a little chance and a little control over the win

This week we take even a little more control over the win by making our own unique bingo cards with red and black dots. 

Playing the game is simple:

-Print out blank bingo cards (below).

-Fill in each square of your card with either a red or a black dot.

-Flip a card to see if your next play is red or black

-Try to fill in a full line in any direction on your card.


If run groups and want to award plays for attendance at your events, here are the things you should do.

1) Print out and post the Winner! posters everywhere

2) Print out a bingo card for each resident and put the name on the cards. Carry these in a folder with you.

3) Have the players fill out their own cards with red or black dots.

3) When a player is awarded a play, simply have them pick a card from the deck and then mark the squares anyway you like, using a sticker or a date stamp on the card so you can look back and see the dates each player played

4) Award prizes when players make a row.

You can see this is a simpler bingo than the one the residents are used to, and each week will be playing with little modifications to make it appeal to a various audiences while keeping it simple to play.

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Let the games begin!


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