One small move can completely change your ability to get up from a chair

Trouble standing up from a chair? You never want to forget this one small move.

Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference


Where do you put your feet before you stand?

I have discussed that your person’s comfort zone is partly related to your physical ability, and we don’t think as logically or sequentially as we can when we are nervous.

I want you to remember to ensure your get your feet placed directly under you, under your nose to be more specific. If your feet are not under you and end up being placed in front of your nose as you try to push you will end up pushing yourself backward, that’s a risky move that simply doesn’t work.

It might make life easier to have this little reminder handy?  If these tips help you move more efficiently, they also minimize the risk of pushing yourself out of your support base.

Feel free to go ahead and click on the picture below to print it out my simple steps to standing up and share it if you’d like, too.

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Movement can be a remarkably simple thing to practice once you know what to do.