Experiencing freedom of movement has never been more easy to do.

Feeling a bit stuck? Print out this worksheet to discover your mobility throughout your body in a beautiful new way.

How well does this describe you? 

-You feel its a good idea to move a little more to to feel a little better

-You think keeping it simple is the best way to be

-You enjoy spending time outside

-You appreciate making choices for yourself, discovering your own way of doing things as you go.

You might be thinking…

This is me!

Click the image below to see our worksheet that guides you explore your freedom of movement in standing, sitting or lying.

Not exactly how you would describe yourself? 

Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing many worksheets that give you different images, and various levels of guidance to help you find the activity that feels just right. Enter your email address at the bottom of the page if you don’t want to miss out having those options come your way.




Marshmallow roasting over a campfire helps you imagine yourself here

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