Examining self-judgement inside and out: The planning fallacy

Have you considered what lens you are using when you cast judgements on yourself? Examining the nature of our judgements may help us know when to set some aside

I sure can’t move the way I used to. I wonder if I ever will…

This week’s challenge involved getting down to ground level, and as I was doing this challenge I noticed the voice inside my head commenting on my performance.

It seems as if I had an expectation of myself I wasn’t even aware of. Where did that come from?

Sometimes we make optimistic predictions about what is required to truely commit to things we say we are going to do- like take care of ourselves with exercise. It is so common to be overly optimistic, this phenomena has its own name- the planning fallacy.

At a rational level we appreciate that continuous change requires continual effort over time, but this wide angle lens is not the only one we use to look at the world. Sometimes we get stuck examining things close up with our own internal perspective and we forget to take a step back. When you find yourself taking things personally, perhaps it would be helpful to view things in a different light?

Have you been reasonable with the expectations you have made for yourself, with progress at a steady pace, or did you try to speed up a process and place too many demands on yourself to make a daily commitment?

You can reframe your perspective and approach at any time. Making a fair and reasonable commitment to put time and effort into taking care of ourselves makes it reasonable expect the same results we notice in others who have the same habits engrained in day to day life.

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