One lost word can change the whole meaning, helping things be more readable for seniors

Learn about contrast hue with me to get every word across to the senior reader

The little things can make all the difference

I never dreamed I’d shift my purpose from doing physio to designing materials that support activities in assisted living, but because I know the little things can make all the difference in the life of a senior, here I am. Today I’d like to talk about hue contrast. This is important to me because it can make my words magically pop out or disappear from this page.

Marshmallow roasting over a campfire helps you imagine yourself here


Making something clear and simple on paper is a very challenging task in my opinion. Let’s check out the first Do and Don’t on my thumbnail here above. Don’t let your text float away, haha. That’s today’s lesson.  Do you notice the white words on the right seem to float off into the breezy background? The dark blue on the left is a much wiser color for readability. We were just thinking about hue contrast.

I think of hue contrast as the dark and light elements of the page standing up against each other.

I’m starting to make choices thinking not in terms of color, but imagining all the shades of color as shades of grey. 

Shades of grey indeed, as the more I learn, the more there is to see, but I’m enjoying this process and I hope you are too. We will be sprucing up this invite in every way with the help of a designer that I trust. The words, the font, the graphics little by little will all be replaced with something that feels just right. Something that feels as welcoming as possible, and can do what it is designed to do… connect us! 

If you are looking for an activity to do with this printable, how do you feel about leading a chat about challenges residents face inside and outside the building because of vision? Maybe the residents already have some great ideas to share with each other, and improve accessibility for everyone else in the building who is visually impaired.

Or if you prefer something playful, you can watch my video and perhaps come up with some other phrases where just one word makes a big difference to the meaning.

The word no and don’t can be played with in many interesting ways.

I hope you have as much with this as I did  🤪 Thanks for being here.

Marshmallow roasting over a campfire helps you imagine yourself here

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