Caring for ourselves and others

When life's journey calls to to be a caregiver, sometimes the demands seem to meet or exceed your capacity. Fortunately some support is virtually available. Let's talk about some supports in place for Calgarians in Alberta.

This set of resources can be a  starting point for Calgarians, Albertans and all of you who are called to care for others as well as yourself.


At some point in your life you may be called upon to be a caregiver. The journey can begin with a steep learning curve, but fortunately there is often local support virtually available. One of these options for support is the Alberta Caregiver College. This is a virtual college that has educational programs developed by the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and Alberta Health Services, with contributions from other partnering organizations in Alberta.

Another online resource is the Family Caregiver Alliance. The Family Caregiver Alliance is an American non-profit caregiver support organization,with a youtube video series that gives general education about the daily tasks of a caregiver. The introduction to the video series is featured in this post.