A simply resilient body

What is between you and a more resilient body? Time is the only certainty. How to spend it to get there.

With solid habits you get the right dose of movement, and more likely the response you hoped for. What do you hope for?

Goal: Having a more fluid controlled response to environmental challenges which throw off your balance.  These tasks need practice practice practice doing a safe challenge and it should closely mimic what you want to improve upon. If you practice fishing you will get better at fishing, but not piano playing. If you can do 30s-1minute of this kind of practice pretty easily then you could consider upping the challenge. 

Goal: Tiring less quickly when you do a short burst of energy like climbing stairs. Here you work comfortably until you couldn’t do this task (like lifting your leg) two more times with the same form. Your fatigue is making it look a little sloppier. Take a break from this movement when you notice this and then do a second set.  Another tip: Take a rest day from that exercise the next day, the repair makes you stronger in the long run.

Goal: Tiring less quickly with a sustained effort like going out with the people in your life. Here we follow the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for 10 minute chunks of activity building up to 150 minutes a week.  Walking is the most common exercise people choose but if it’s not as easy as it used to be, there are other interesting options out there like my escapes from your chair to anywhere guided active stories. Learn about that here